About Us


Zein Design is a multi-national multi-disciplinary design consultancy led by Architecture. While Zein Design started as a small architectural design studio focused on delivering innovative architectural design, it has recently acquired formidable engineering capabilities with the joining of highly experienced partner engineers.


As we always strive to priorities the needs and expectations of our Clients. We will always strive to ensure that you have a great experience dealing us. We will also do our best to achieve results that meet or exceed your expectations.

We aim to achieve this by:

  •  Putting our Clients’ interests first.
  •  Investing in the development of our staff.
  •  Adopting and applying the latest technologies and techniques to enhance our operations & delivery.
  •  Setting and maintaining high professional standards.
  •  Promoting innovative thinking and excellence in operation and design delivery.   



We strictly enforce a policy of full transparency with our Clients to ensure that they are kept well informed throughout the lifecycle of the project. This means that we share with our Clients all the good and bad news. We strongly believe that being transparent with our Clients ensures they become actively and positively engaged so that any issues that may arise are jointly addressed and resolved at an early stage


We strongly encourage and enforce ethical behaviors amongst our staff. Our staff are trained to embrace an ethical conduct in all situations and when they are not sure about something in this respect, they are guided to consult with their line managers who are trained and liable to deal with such matters. Most importantly our leadership team stands very firmly behind ethical behaviors and lead by example in this regard.


We run a policy to advance the capabilities of our staff by instilling an ethos for professionalism in all what we do. Professional conduct is an important criterion in the periodic performance assessment carried out for our staff making it key for their career development and essential for their future in the company.


We pride ourselves with our constant strive for excellence in all what we do. This dedication to excellence also dictates how we interact with our staff, business partners, and our Clients. This has become so imbeded in how we operate and deliver our work, it became part of our persona.


Since the inception of Zein design approximately 27 years ago, we have distinguished ourselves by embracing innovative approaches to everything we do. We encourage our staff to stretch the boundaries and experiment with out of the box ideas. For this we have adopted a flexible system for running our business which does not inhibit novelty and rewards staff for venturing into new ways of thinking and doing things differently even if it carries a reasonable amount of risk. Most importantly we support our staff to deal with any risks that may arise from by collectively quantifying and qualifying such potential risks leading to developing carefully tailored risk control / mitigation measures.